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Health care Service (Medication administration, medication collection from pharmacies)

The aim of this service is to provide support to individuals who are unable to take responsibility for administering their own medication or require assistance which is provided by Recovery Support staff in the service user’s own homes.

Assistance with prescribed medication, including reminders, may only be provided by Recovery Support staff if medications are supplied and stored in the original container (Including Monitored Dosage Systems such as blister packs, Venalinks) as supplied by the Pharmacist or dispensing GP / Nurse.  Assistance will not be provided with prescription medication which is stored in any container filled by any other person.

A Medication Needs & Risk Assessment should be completed for every service user.  This will also highlight customers whose medication needs are beyond the knowledge and competence of Recovery Support staff or whose needs are outside the contractual arrangements with a Local Authority.  If any support or assistance is to be provided following the assessment of needs, a Medication Administration Record (MAR) Form should be in place to detail any medicines, prescribed or non-prescribed that the service user uses.

The likely outcome of the assessment will be one of the following:

i) Ability to self-medicate without assistance

ii) Ability to self- medicate with the use of administration / compliance aids

iii) Assistance Required – Level 1 / Level 2 / Level 3


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